Five Generations of Innovative Nutrition




Prehistoric Recipes

Granny's Apple Strudel-- Granny

Potica from the Old Country (Slovenia)

Aunt Rose's Lemon Bars

Dumplings-- Grandma Estelle and Aunt Susu

Roman Apple Cake-- Frances Zager Teshner

Chili (Easy and Good)-- Frances Zager Teshner

Tuna Casserole-- Classic Sustar

Russian Fluff-- Grandma Sustar

Thanksgiving Stuffing-- Progressive Slovene Women of America

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Elvis meets hexagonal packing.

Peanut Butter and
Banana Sandwich


1960's Recipes

Gingerbread Houses

Flapjacks-- Mom Ronnie, "We used to call these buttermilk pancakes but Joe changed the name when he contributed the recipe."

Pizza Rolls

Beef Stew-- "Peter loves it."

Pigs in Blankets

Turkey Soup-- MOm's early staple



1970's Recipes

Cobbler-- Dad John F.

LLL Birthday Carrot Cake-- Mom Ronnie, "We served this at San Francisco LLL's 21st birthday in October 1977... Anne and Joe were there".

Graham Muffins-- Mom Ronnie


Sustar's Special Shamrock Shake

Fried Cheese

Flat Bread-- Walter


Green Spaghetti

1980's Recipes

Spaghetti Soup-- Anne


Spinach and Cheese Squares


Green Spaghetti

Lazy "Lacy" Lazagna--Mary: "Mom must have been so happy when she made this simple recipe and all of her children enjoyed it. That is pure joy for moms cooking for children."

New O'Leans Red Beans an' Rice

Puffed Oven (German) Pancakes

Spaghetti Pizza-- Joe, because there aren’t enough Italian recipes in the world already. . .

Rhubarb "Rutabaga" Crisp-- Aunt Fran


Grandma's Caramel Corn-- Grandma


1990's Recipes

Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing-- Mary, "A favorite of John L. and Patrick."

Gorgonzola Salad Dressing-- Anne

Tofu Quiche

Indian Apple Salad-- Mary

Indian Carrot Salad-- Mary

New and Improved Breakfast Potatoes-- Anne

Beef Barley-- Dad John F, "The white stuff is not politically correct, but it sure adds the flavor."

Beef Cabbage-- Dad John F.

Chestnut Stew-- Mary

Split Pea Dal Soup with Carrots-- Mary

Indian Spiced Rice with Cashews-- Anne

Cauliflower Kofta with Pumpkin Seed Sauce-- Mary, "Very yummy—worth the work."


Delicious Indian Chickpeas-- Anne

Pasta Con Aglio e Olio-- Walter, "Timing is critical."

Rolled Fish Fillets-- (needs a better name), Mary

Gingerbread Cake-- Mary

Shoga Yaki Dofu-- (Ginger Fried Tofu), Mary

Tofu Quiche-- Mary

Carrot Spice Muffins-- Mary

Mocha Pie-- Joe

Cornbread-- Anne

Funnel Cakes-- Joe, Liz, and L.J.

Funnel Cakes

Fettucine Alfredo-- Mom. "Another reason to thank the Smithsonian."


2000's Recipes

Black Beans and Rice-- Anne

Jam on Toast-- Liam, who prefers his toast untoasted.

French Bread-- Moppoh Tar-tar Chokko

Chocolate Torte-- Anne

Chewy Goodness Cookies-- Lizzy

Granola-- Anne

Ziti Squash and Roasted Garlic-- Lizzy and Mary

Pasta with Baby Red Lentils and Ginger-- Lizzy and Mary


Last updated on January 17, 2004